evil genius plot reveal - UPDATE

Hi, Ray here again - thanks for stopping by. We wanted to give you a quick update on how things were going. A month ago I told a couple of my friends about this little ebook I wrote about my lifelong search for greatness colliding violently with my midlife crisis. It’s called ‘When I Was Great.’


I posted a couple of things on Facebook, LinkedIn - tweeted loads of people I didn’t know but thought might like what we were doing. We did some geo-targeted mobile advertising too. (see original - evil genius plot reveal)

Can a regular guy use #socialmedia to get a witty, little midlife crisis story made into a BIG movie and/or musical? Oh, and land a spot as a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart? (in no particular order)

My friends answered with a resounding YES and are going out of their way to spread the word. After a bit, a couple people outside of my immediate family read the story and had some nice things to say.





We started to build some momentum and ended up tweeting back and forth with some cool people

- tv producer


- social media guru


- Australian rugby legend


We hit a couple of milestones along the way too

International reach - 10,000 uniques from 35 countries



Facebook Fan Page Likes - http://facebook.com/wheniwasgreat

And things keep growing steadily...


We are the United Colors of Benetton on Facebook



Pretty cool, huh?

We are having loads of fun, doing great and we could use some help if you are up for it.

I’ve been told that When I Was Great is a quick, witty, fun 45 min read. If you try it, you may like it. It’s full of the hopes and dreams we all have, the agony of defeat we all experience and the thrill of victory we all yearn for. The broken, has-been former athlete is not the hero in this story though, it’s his wife and kids that deserve all the glory - they are the ones that set him free. A lot of broken bones and dreams. It’s a nice story and we think other people will enjoy it too if they get a chance to see it.

Tweet me @mightyrg if you are curious and/or want help in any way, shape or form. I’ll be happy to send you a pdf version of the ebook for you to read - I’d be interested in your perspective on what stands out and if/how you can help us move the ball forward.

Do good and have as much fun as humanly possible along the way. - ray